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Slot, H.M. (author), IJzerman, R.M. (author), le Feber, M. (author), Nord-Varhaug, K. (author), van der Heide, E. (author)
Offshore wind turbine rotor diameters still increase. Blade tip velocities are up to 110 m/s, giving rise to more severe raindrop impact conditions and related erosion of the wind turbine blades. In the current work droplet impingement erosion tests were performed for injection moulded and compression moulded polybutylene terephthalate PBT. The...
article 2018
Slot, H.M. (author), Gelinck, E.R.M. (author), Rentrop, C. (author), van der Heide, E. (author)
Erosion of the leading edge of wind turbine blades by droplet impingement wear, reduces blade aerodynamic efficiency and power output. Eventually, it compromises the integrity of blade surfaces. Elastomeric coatings are currently used for erosion resistance, yet the life of such coatings cannot be predicted accurately. This review paper gives an...
article 2015