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van den Heuvel, E.G.H.M. (author), Wils, D. (author), Pasman, W.J. (author), Saniez, M.H. (author), Kardinaal, A.F.M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Background: It is well documented that fermentation of carbohydrates that escape digestion exert several effects supposed to be beneficial for (colonic) health, including an increase in stool volume, a shorter intestinal transit time, production of short chain fatty acids and a decrease of colonic pH (Kritchevsky 1988). NUTRIOSE®FB is a dextrin...
article 2005
van den Heuvel, E.G.H.M. (author), Wils, D. (author), Pasman, W.J. (author), Bakker, M. (author), Saniez, M.-H. (author), Kardinaal, A.F.M. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
Objective: To determine the tolerance of increasing dosages of an incompletely hydrolysed and/or incompletely absorbed food dextrin coming from wheat starch, NUTRIOSE®FB, at daily levels of 10 and 15 g up to 60 and 80 g, respectively. Design: A randomized, double-blind, multiple dose, placebo-controlled, combined crossover and parallel trial....
article 2004
Broekmans, W.M.R. (author), Klöpping-Ketelaars, I.A.A. (author), Weststrate, J.A. (author), Tijburg, L.B.M. (author), van Poppel, G. (author), Vink, A.A. (author), Berendschot, T.T.J.M. (author), Bots, M.L. (author), Castenmiller, W.A.M. (author), Kardinaal, A.F.M. (author)
Excessive consumption of energy and fat increases the risk for obesity. Snacks containing sucrose polyesters (SPE) as a dietary fat replacer are on the market in the United States. SPE products have been shown to lower concentrations of serum carotenoids in short-term studies. Experimental studies on the longer-term effects on health of...
article 2003