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Lubelli, B. (author), Nijland, T.G. (author), van Hees, R.P.J. (author)
A test procedure was set up to reproduce laboratory self-healing on lime-based (both pure calcium and magnesium-calcium) mortar specimens. After a few months of testing, during which time the specimens were submitted to wet-dry cycles, thin sections of the specimens were prepared and observed using a polarization and fluorescence microscope (PFM...
article 2012
Verweij, H. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Information on the sedimentary development, seismic stratigraphy and burial compaction of the Chalk Group in the Netherlands North Sea was combined with pressure data and basin modelling to investigate the hydraulic behaviour of the Chalk Group in the Central Graben and Schill Grund High. The preliminary results of this integrated study indicate...
article 2006