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Versluis, R. (author), Dorsman, R. (author), Thielen, L. (author), Roos, M.E. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
A new approach for performing numerical direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) simulations on turbomolecular pumps in the free molecular and transitional flow regimes is described. The chosen approach is to use surfaces that move relative to the grid to model the effect of rotors and stators on a gas flow. The current article describes the method...
article 2009
Sobera, M.P. (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author), Brasser, P. (author), van den Akker, H.E.A. (author)
A multi-scale study of the performance of protective clothing has been performed by coupling various types of numerical simulation of flow, heat and mass transfer. From meso-scale Direct Numerical Simulation, it was found that the flow underneath the clothing is laminar and periodic, with a magnitude much smaller than the free stream velocity....
conference paper 2004
Verstappen, R.W.C.P. (author), van der Velde, R.M. (author), Veldman, A.E.P. (author)
The turbulent flow and heat transfer in a channel with surface mounted cubical obstacles forms a generic example of a problem that occurs in many engineering applications, for instance in the design of cooling devices. We have performed a numerical simulation of it without using any turbulence models. This approach is the most accurate - but...
conference paper 2000