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van de Steeg, E. (author), Venhorst, J. (author), Jansen, H.T. (author), Nooijen, I.H.G. (author), Degroot, J. (author), Wortelboer, H.M. (author), Vlaming, M.L.H. (author)
Human organic anion-transporting polypeptide 1B1 (OATP1B1) and OATP1B3 are important hepatic uptake transporters. Early assessment of OATP1B1/1B3-mediated drug-drug interactions (DDIs) is therefore important for successful drug development. A promising approach for early screening and prediction of DDIs is computational modeling. In this study...
article 2015
Kostewicz, E.S. (author), Abrahamsson, B. (author), Brewster, M. (author), Brouwers, J. (author), Butler, J. (author), Carlert, S. (author), Dickinson, P.A. (author), Dressman, J. (author), Holm, R. (author), Klein, S. (author), Mann, J. (author), McAllister, M. (author), Minekus, M. (author), Muenster, U. (author), Müllertz, A. (author), Verwei, M. (author), Vertzoni, M. (author), Weitschies, W. (author), Augustijns, P. (author)
Accurate prediction of the in vivo biopharmaceutical performance of oral drug formulations is critical to efficient drug development. Traditionally, in vitro evaluation of oral drug formulations has focused on disintegration and dissolution testing for quality control (QC) purposes. The connection with in vivo biopharmaceutical performance has...
article 2014