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Celis-Morales, C. (author), Livingstone, K.M. (author), Woolhead, C. (author), Forster, H. (author), O’Donovan, C.B. (author), Macready, A.L. (author), Fallaize, R. (author), Marsaux, C.F.M. (author), Tsirigoti, L. (author), Efstathopoulou, E. (author), Moschonis, G. (author), Navas-Carretero, S. (author), San-Cristobal, R. (author), Kolossa, S. (author), Klein, U.L. (author), Hallmann, J. (author), Godlewska, M. (author), Surwiłło, A. (author), Drevon, C.A. (author), Bouwman, J. (author), Grimaldi, K. (author), Parnell, L.D. (author), Manios, Y. (author), Traczyk, I. (author), Gibney, E.R. (author), Brennan, L. (author), Walsh, M.C. (author), Lovegrove, J.A. (author), Martinez, J.A. (author), Daniel, H. (author), Saris, W.H.M. (author), Gibney, M. (author), Mathers, J.C. (author)
In e-health intervention studies, there are concerns about the reliability of internet-based, self-reported (SR) data and about the potential for identity fraud. This study introduced and tested a novel procedure for assessing the validity of internet-based, SR identity and validated anthropometric and demographic data via measurements performed...
article 2015
Schouten, L.J. (author), van Dijk, B.A.C. (author), Oosterwijk, E. (author), van Engeland, M. (author), van de Hulsbergen-Kaa, C.A. (author), Kiemeney, L.A.L.M. (author), Goldbohm, R.A. (author), Kester, A. (author), de Vogel, S. (author), Schalken, J.A. (author), van den Brandt, P.A. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Alcohol consumption has been associated with a decreased risk for renal cell cancer in several studies. We investigated whether alcohol is associated with (epi)genetic changes of the von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) gene in renal cell cancer. The Netherlands Cohort Study (NLCS) on Diet and Cancer started in 1986 (n = 120,852) and uses the case-cohort...
article 2008
van Delft, J.H.M. (author), van den Ende, A.M.C. (author), Keizer, H.J. (author), Ouwerkerk, J. (author), Baan, R.A. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
An ELISA method was used to determine N7-methylguanine (N7-MeGua) adducts in DNA of white blood cells from cancer patients treated with the methylating antitumor drug dacarbazine by i.v. administration. From four patients who received dacarbazine only, at dosages of 250, 400 or 800 mg/m2, the blood samples were collected before and several days...
article 1992