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Koivisto, A.J. (author), Kling, K.I. (author), Fonseca, A.S. (author), Brostrøm Bluhme, A. (author), Moreman, M. (author), Yu, M. (author), Costa, A.L. (author), Giovanni, B. (author), Ortelli, S. (author), Fransman, W. (author), Vogel, U. (author), Jensen, K.A. (author)
Nanoscale TiO2 (nTiO2) is manufactured in high volumes and is of potential concern in occupational health. Here, we measured workers exposure levels while ceramic honeycombs were dip coated with liquid photoactive nanoparticle suspension and dried with an air blade. The measured nTiO2 concentration levels were used to assess process specific...
article 2018
Todea, A.M. (author), Beckmann, S. (author), Kaminski, H. (author), Bard, D. (author), Bau, S. (author), Clavaguera, S. (author), Dahmann, D. (author), Dozol, H. (author), Dziurowitz, N. (author), Elihn, K. (author), Fierz, M. (author), Lidén, G. (author), Meyer-Plath, A. (author), Monz, C. (author), Neumann, V. (author), Pelzer, J. (author), Simonow, B.K. (author), Thali, P. (author), Tuinman, I. (author), van der Vleuten, A. (author), Vroomen, H. (author), Asbach, C. (author)
Personal monitors based on unipolar diffusion charging (miniDiSC/DiSCmini, NanoTracer, Partector) can be used to assess the individual exposure to nanoparticles in different environments. The charge acquired by the aerosol particles is nearly proportional to the particle diameter and, by coincidence, also nearly proportional to the alveolar lung...
article 2017