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Westerhout, J. (author), Krone, T. (author), Snippe, A. (author), Babé, L. (author), McClain, S.U. (author), Ladics, G.S. (author), Houben, G.G. (author), Verhoeckx, K.C. (author)
Alternative and sustainable protein sources (e.g., algae, duckweed, insects) are required to produce (future) foods. However, introduction of new food sources to the market requires a thorough risk assessment of nutritional, microbial and toxicological risks and potential allergic responses. Yet, the risk assessment of allergenic potential of...
article 2019
van Lint, C.L. (author), Wang, W. (author), van Dijk, S. (author), Brinkman, W.P. (author), Rövekamp, T.J.M. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Rabelink, T.J. (author), van der Boog, P.J.M. (author)
Background: The high frequency of outpatient visits after kidney transplantation is burdensome to both the recovering patient and health care capacity. Self-monitoring kidney function offers a promising strategy to reduce the number of these outpatient visits. Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate whether it is safe to rely...
article 2017