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Dalmolen, S. (author), Bastiaansen, H.J.M. (author), Kollenstart, M. (author), Punter, M. (author)
Organizations are becoming ever more aware that their data is a valuable asset requiring protection against mis-use. Therefore, being in control over the usage conditions (i.e. data sovereignty) is a prerequisite for sharing sensitive data in (increasingly complex) supply chains. Maintaining sovereignty applies to both the primary shared data...
conference paper 2020
Dalmolen, S. (author), Bastiaansen, H.J.M. (author), Somers, E.J.J. (author), Djafari, S. (author), Kollenstart, M. (author), Punter, M. (author)
Changing market dynamics force organizations evermore to share data in supply chains. Misuse of the data shared can cause major damage to the business and reputation of organizations. Hence, being in control over the terms-of-use for sharing data (i.e., data sovereignty) is a key prerequisite for sharing potentially sensitive data. This, however...
conference paper 2019