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van Willigen, W.H. (author), Kester, L.J.H.M. (author), van Nunen, E. (author), Haasdijk, E. (author)
This article proposes a safety check extension to Adaptive Cruise Control systems where the critical headway time is estimated in real-time. This critical headway time estimate enables automated reaction to crisis circumstances such as when a preceding vehicle performs an emergency brake. We introduce a method for critical headway approximation...
article 2015
van Foeken, E. (author), Kwakkernaat, M.R.J.A.E. (author)
The increasing demand for shared awareness in multi-platform sensor systems requires advanced wireless information sharing techniques. The analysis of these techniques requires information about communication resources and latency to be available in models. The work presented here introduces generic low complexity models that describe the...
conference paper 2011