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Rouster, J. (author), van Mechelen, J. (author), Cameron-Mills, V. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
The barley lipoxygenase 1 (Lox1) gene encodes a protein expressed in embryos during grain development and germination and in leaves after methyl-jasmonate (MeJA) treatment. Transient gene expression assays in germinating barley embryos were used to identify cis-regulatory elements involved in the embryo-specific expression of the Lox1 gene....
article 1998
Radiobiologisch Instituut TNO (author), van den Berg, K.J. (author), Betel, I. (author)
Chemicals/CAS: 2 amino 2 methylpropionic acid, 62-57-7; amino acid, 65072-01-7; concanavalin A, 11028-71-0; sodium, 7440-23-5; Amino Acids; Aminoisobutyric Acids; Concanavalin A, 11028-71-0; Cyclopentanes; Sodium, 7440-23-5
article 1973