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Pit, I.R. (author), van Egmond, E.M. (author), Dekker, S.C. (author), Griffioen, J. (author), Wassen, M.J. (author), van Wezel, A.P. (author)
Artificial sand replenishments are globally used as innovative coastal protection measures. In these replenishments elevated porewater concentrations of trace elements are found. The present study investigated possible ecotoxicological risks at 2 intertidal depositional sites, the Sand Engine as a recent innovative Dutch coastal management...
article 2018
Stronkhorst, J. (author), Ciarelli, S. (author), Schipper, C.A. (author), Postma, J.F. (author), Dubbeldam, M. (author), Vangheluwe, M. (author), Brils, J.M. (author), Hooftman, R. (author)
Four laboratories were compared to ascertain the reproducibility of test methods for five bioassays: the ten day whole sediment bioassay with the amphipod Corophium volutator, the fourteen day whole sediment bioassay with adult sea urchins Echinocardium cordatum, the Microtox solid phase bioassay with the bacterium Vibrio fischeri, the oyster...
article 2004