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Dorenkamper, M.S. (author), Wahed, A. (author), Kumar, A. (author), de Jong, M. (author), Kroon, J. (author), Reindl, T. (author)
An enormous area could potentially be unlocked, when more photovoltaic (PV) systems would be deployed on water bodies. Especially in densely populated areas this opens a pathway for PV to contribute to the energy transition in a large scale. Another potential benefit of floating PV (FPV) systems is that they can outperform conventional PV...
article 2021
Teunissen, L.P.J. (author), Wang, L.C. (author), Chou, S.N. (author), Huang, C. (author), Jou, G.T. (author), Daanen, H.A.M. (author)
Firemen often suffer from heat strain. This study investigated two chest cooling systems for use under a firefighting suit. In nine male subjects, a vest with water soaked cooling pads and a vest with water perfused tubes were compared to a control condition. Subjects performed 30 min walking and 10 min recovery in hot conditions, while...
article 2014