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Yang, S. (author), Khelifi, S. (author), Brammertz, G. (author), Choubrac, L. (author), Barreau, N. (author), Bolt, P. (author), Vermang, B. (author), Lauwaert, J. (author)
Numerical models are proposed that are able to describe the current-voltage (I-V) behaviour of two Cu2ZnGeSe4 (CZGSe) solar cells measured under different illuminations at 300 K. In the model, the doping density of the CZGSe layer and the mobility of carriers are determined by capacitance-voltage (C-V) profiling and AC field Hall effect...
article 2020
Li, X. (author), Smaal, W.T.T. (author), Kjellander, C. (author), van der Putten, B. (author), Gualandris, K. (author), Smits, E.C.P. (author), Anthony, J. (author), Broer, D.J. (author), Blom, P.W.M. (author), Genoe, J. (author), Gelinck, G.H. (author)
We present a systematic study of the influence of material composition and ink-jet processing conditions on the charge transport in bottom-gate field-effect transistors based on blends of 6,13-bis(triisopropyl-silylethynyl) pentacene (TIPS-PEN) and polystyrene. After careful process optimizations of blending ratio and printing temperature we...
article 2011