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Boot, H. (author), Pérez, S.R. (author)
The present paper describes the theory behind the “plume rise from warehouse or pool fires model” as implemented in the software package EFFECTS. This model simulates the rising of buoyant plumes due to the density difference between the hot combustion products and the ambient air. The plume rise model calculates the maximum height at which the...
article 2020
Boonacker, B. (author), van Doormaal, J.C.A.M. (author), Weerheijm, J. (author)
Safety evaluation, risk assessment and decisions on prevention and protection measures require simple fast running methods. It is a challenge to develop a consequence analysis method that is relatively simple, but still has the ability to discern between different cases, scenarios and buildings. In the past years, TNO has participated in the FP7...
conference paper 2014
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), van der Voort, M.M. (author), Kummer, P. (author), van Dongen, P. (author)
AASTP-5, Part II establishes North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) guidelines for the storage, maintenance and transport of ammunition during deployed missions and operations. It assists in the planning, reconnaissance and establishment of an Ammunition Area and the management of the ammunition. The document is designed for use by the...
conference paper 2010