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Abspoel, M. (author), Attema, T. (author), Rambaud, M. (author)
We consider consensus protocols in the model that is most commonly considered for use in state machine replication, as initiated by Dwork-Lynch-Stockmeyer, then by Castro-Liskov in 1999 with “PBFT”. Such protocols guarantee, assuming n players out of which t < n/3 are maliciously corrupted, that the honest players output the same valid value...
conference paper 2021
Hoepman, J.H. (author)
A well studied privacy problem in the area of smart grids is the question of how to aggregate the sum of a set of smart meter readings in a privacy friendly manner, i.e., in such a way that individual meter readings are not revealed to the adversary. Much less well studied is how to deal with arbitrary meter crashes during such aggregation...
conference paper 2017