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vanden Berg, F. (author), Camra, V. (author), Hendriks, M. (author), Geilen, M. (author), Hnetynka, P. (author), Manteca, F. (author), Sanchez, P. (author), Bures, T. (author), Basten, T. (author)
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are complex, heterogeneous, and dynamic systems, spanning hardware and software components ranging from edge devices to cloud platforms. CPS need to satisfy many rigorous constraints, e.g., with respect to deadlines, safety, and quality, yielding a large configuration space where only a limited number of...
conference paper 2020
Osaiweran, A. (author), Schuts, M. (author), Hooman, J. (author), Groote, J.F. (author), van Rijnsoever, B. (author)
We evaluate the effect of applying the commercial formal technique Analytical Software Design (ASD) to an industrial project. In ASD, interfaces and software designs are modelled using a formal tabular notation. The ASD tool set supports formal checks of these models, such as deadlock freedom and interface compliance. In addition, full code can...
article 2016