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Koster, S. (author), Leeman, W.R. (author), Verheij, E.R. (author), Dutman, A.E. (author), van Stee, L.L.P. (author), Munch Nielsen, L. (author), Ronsmans, S. (author), Noteborn, H. (author), Krul, L. (author)
A main challenge in food safety research is to demonstrate that processing of foodstuffs does not lead to the formation of substances for which the safety upon consumption might be questioned. This is especially so since food is a complex matrix in which the analytical detection of substances, and consequent risk assessment thereof, is difficult...
article 2015
Koster, S. (author), Rennen, M. (author), Leeman, W. (author), Houben, G. (author), Muilwijk, B. (author), van Acker, F. (author), Krul, L. (author)
One of the main challenges in food contact materials research is to prove that the presence of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) is not a safety issue. Migration extracts may contain many unknown substances present at low concentrations. It is difficult and time-consuming to identify all these potential NIAS and concurrently to assess...
article 2014