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Waddington, D. (author), Woodcock, J. (author), Smith, M.G. (author), Janssen, S.A. (author), Persson Waye, K. (author)
The aim of this paper is to present an overview of the research concerning human response to vibration conducted in the EU FP7 CargoVibes project. The European Union-funded project CargoVibes involved 10 partners from 8 nations and ran from April 2011 to April 2014. The project was concerned with railway-induced ground-borne vibration affecting...
article 2015
TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author), Jong, (author)
This paper reviews recent developments in the field of noise research. In our society the sources of noise pollution are increasing, as is annoyance. In research, specific attention has been paid to noise originating from motor vehicles and other surface transport, and also from aircraft, especially military aircraft and helicopters. As yet, the...
article 1990
Miedema, H.M.E. (author), van den Berg, R. (author), Nederlands Instituut voor Praeventieve Gezondheidszorg TNO (author)
A study concerning tramway noise is described and results are presented. The study consisted of a social survey and a noise measurement program. It appeared that tramway noise does not contribute to the annoyance of the total noise if tramway annoyance is substantially below road traffic annoyance (one or two points and more on a five-point...
article 1988