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Korevaar, C.W. (author), Boschma, J.J. (author), den Breeje, R. (author), Ebert, J. (author)
Optical feeder links (OFLs) benefit from the vast amount of bandwidth available in the THz-regime of the electro-magnetic spectrum, and could enable future terabit-per-second satellite systems. This study assesses the end-to-end performance of analog coherent OFLs for digital video broadcasting (DVB) applications, employing phase modulation (PM)...
conference paper 2022
Mas, J.L. (author), Vanrobaeys, X. (author), Hagenbeek, D. (author), Chaerle, L. (author), van der Straeten, D. (author), Kassel, R. (author), Janssen, E.G.O.N. (author), Hovland, S. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Interest on food production systems based on the cultivation of vegetables for future planetary exploration missions is increasing as these units can help overcoming difficult and costly re-supply logistics. In addition to producing edible biomass by growing vegetable species, these systems can be used in closed loop configuration with bio...
conference paper 2005