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Arciszewski, H.F.R. (author), de Greef, T.E. (author)
During the last ten years significant steps have been made in connecting military command and control systems from different defense forces in joint and combined operations. However, a common operational picture (COP) that provides all actors within the defense organization with sufficient, accurate, and timely information is still an elusive...
conference paper 2011
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Pullen, J.M. (author), Corner, D. (author), Singapogo, S.S. (author), Clarc, N. (author), Cordonnier, N. (author), Menane, M. (author), Khimeche, L. (author), Mevassvik, O.M. (author), Alstad, A. (author), Schad, U. (author), Frey, M. (author), M. de Reus, N. (author), de Krom, P.P.J. (author), le Grand, N.P. (author), Brook, A. (author)
The NATO Modeling and Simulation Group Technical Activity 48 (MSG-048) was chartered in 2006 to investigate the potential of a Coalition Battle Management Language for multinational and NATO interoperation of command and control systems with modeling and simulation. Its initial work in defining and demonstrating a basic capability for this...
conference paper 2009
TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author), Driesenaar, F.N. (author)
Large organisations, such as NATO and the armed forces of its member countries, cannot function without the availability of accurate, timely, complete and consistent information. The quality of every decision that is made depends largely on the qualiry of the information on which the decision is based. This makes information an essential...
conference paper 2001