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Schols, R.M. (author), Alic, L. (author), Beets, G.L. (author), Breukink, S.O. (author), Wieringa, F.P. (author), Stassen, L.P.S. (author)
In colorectal surgery, detecting ureters and mesenteric arteries is of utmost importance to prevent iatrogenic injury and to facilitate intraoperative decision making. A tool enabling ureter- and artery-specific image enhancement within (and possibly through) surrounding adipose tissue would facilitate this need, especially during laparoscopy....
article 2015
Schols, R.M. (author), Dunias, P. (author), Wieringa, F.P. (author), Stassen, L.P. (author)
Aims: This study investigated the feasibility of automated differentiation between essential tissue types encountered during laparoscopic colorectal surgery using spectral analysis. Methods: Wide band (440-1830 nm) spectra were collected using an optical fiber probe and spectrometer from freshly explanted, ex vivo, human colonic specimens. These...
article 2013