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van Noort, M. (author), Fahrenkrog, F. (author), Bakri, T. (author)
This paper describes the safety impact assessment methodology that is developed and used for the evaluation of in-car ITS applications in the interactIVe project. InteractIVe is a project in the EU’s 7th framework program that develops new advanced driver assistance systems aimed at improving traffic safety. The safety assessment uses the...
conference paper 2012
van Erp, J.B.F. (author), Werkhoven, P.J. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Access to navigation information rapidly becomes standard in many situations, for example through GPS receivers and collision avoidance systems in cars. However, perceiving and processing the information may result in overloading the userÆs visual sense and cognitive resources. Intuitive navigation information presentation concepts using the...
conference paper 2006