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Kieselbach, T. (author), Triomphe, C.E. (author), Andronic, L. (author), Armgarth, E. (author), Bergstrom, O. (author), Bagnara, S. (author), de Meyer, S. (author), Dodic-Fifak, M. (author), Jankauskus, R. (author), Jefferys, S. (author), Joling, C. (author), Kuhn, K. (author), Nielsen, K.M. (author), Terzyska, I. (author), Pelletier, J. (author), Rodriguez, R. (author), Thomson, G. (author)
Restructuring has become a daily practice in both private and public sectors in the EU. But often restructuring processes fail to produce the intended effects of secured or increased organizational profitability. On the contrary restructuring puts the physical and psychosocial health of all organizational members at risk. To limit the risks of...
book 2010
Kieselbach, T. (author), Armgarth, E. (author), Bagnara, S. (author), Elo, A.L. (author), Jefferys, S. (author), Joling, C. (author), Kuhn, K. (author), Nielsen, K. (author), Popma, J. (author), Rogovsky, N. (author), Sahler, B. (author), Thomson, G. (author), Triomphe, C.E. (author), Widerszal-Bazyl, M. (author)
The health dimension of enterprise restructuring is a widely neglected area of research, intervention and public concern. Restructuring is taking place in every competing organisation and is therefore affecting all European societies. With restructuring is meant an organizational change that is much more significant than commonplace changes and...
book 2009
TNO Arbeid (author), Nauta, A. (author), de Bruin, M. (author), Heuven, E. (author), Keen, G. (author)
Massa-ontslag en grote afslankingsoperaties zijn tegenwoordig aan de orde van de dag. Alhoewel er in de Nederlandse praktijk redelijk netjes wordt afgeslankt, valt het nodige te verbeteren. Op basis van literatuuronderzoek en interviews met deskundigen worden daarom handreikingen gegeven aan organisaties om slimmer én rechtvaardiger af te...
report 2004