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Majhenič, A.Č. (author), Venema, K. (author), Allison, G.E. (author), Matijašić, B.B. (author), Rogelj, I. (author), Klaenhammer, T.R. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
Lactobacillus gasseri LF221, an isolate from the feces of a child, produces two bacteriocins. Standard procedures for molecular techniques were used to locate, clone and sequence the fragments of LF221 chromosomal DNA carrying the acidocin LF221 A and B structural genes, respectively. Sequencing analysis revealed the gene of acidocin LF221 A to...
article 2004
Collen, A. (author), Maas, A. (author), Kooistra, T. (author), Lupu, F. (author), Grimbergen, J. (author), Haas, F.J.L.M. (author), Biesma, D.H. (author), Koolwijk, P. (author), Koopman, J. (author), van Hinsbergh, V.W.M. (author), Gaubius instituut TNO (author)
A congenital dysfibrinogenemia, fibrinogenNieuwegein, was discovered in a young man without any thromboembolic complications or bleeding. A homozygous insertion of a single nucleotide (C) in codon Aα 453 (Pro) introduced a stop codon at position 454, which resulted in the deletion of the Carboxyl-terminal segment Aα 454-610. The ensuing unpaired...
article 2001
Lombardi, P. (author), Sijbrands, E.J.G. (author), Kamerling, S. (author), Smelt, A.H. (author), Havekes, L.M. (author), Gaubius Instituut TNO (author)
article 1998