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Manders, A.M.M. (author), Ketzel, M. (author)
Air quality in Europe has been considered an issue since the 1950s and has improved considerably over the past decades. Emissions in 2018 were reduced considerably as compared to 2005, with emission reductions of SOx of more than 50%, of NOx of about 40% and of PM10 of about 25%. Nowadays, many areas comply with the limit values of the European...
bookPart 2023
Delre, A. (author), Hensen, A. (author), Velzeboer, I. (author), Bulk, P.V.D. (author), Edjabou, M.E. (author), Scheutz, C. (author)
Site-specific methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) emission rates from the onshore oil and gas (O&G) sector in Romania were quantified, using the mobile tracer gas dispersion method. As part of the coordinated Romanian Methane Emission from Oil & Gas measurement campaign, this study supported the investigation of CH4 emissions from the O&G sector...
article 2022