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Tang, Y. (author), Xi, Z. (author), Xu, M. (author), Bäumer, S.M.B. (author), Adam, A.J.L. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author)
Hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) are anisotropic materials with a permittivity tensor that has both positive and negative eigenvalues. Here we report that by using a type II HMM as a cladding material, a waveguide that only supports higher-order modes can be achieved, while the lower-order modes become leaky and are absorbed in the HMM cladding....
article 2016
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), van der Meer, B.J. (author), Dijkstra, M.H. (author), Carton, E.P. (author)
Jacketed penetrators of mid calibre type have been produced by explosive cladding of various jackets on two different kinds of tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) rods. The jackets, of different thicknesses, were made of steel-37, stainless steel 316L, titanium grade (2, 3) and pure titanium grade 2. The jacket increased the flexural rigidity of the core...
conference paper 2008