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Attema, T. (author), Dunning, V.A. (author), Everts, M. (author), Langenkamp, P. (author)
We present a novel compiler for transforming arbitrary, passively secure MPC protocols into efficient protocols with covert security and public verifiability in the honest majority setting. Our compiler works for protocols with any number of parties > 2 and treats the passively secure protocol in a black-box manner. In multi-party computation ...
conference paper 2022
TNO Voeding (author), van Leeuwen, P. (author), Veldman, A. (author), Boisen, S. (author), Deuring, K. (author), van Kempen, G.J.M. (author), Derksen, G.B. (author), Verstegen, M.W.A. (author), Schaafsma, G. (author)
Two experiments were conducted to determine apparent ileal DM and crude-protein (CP) digestibilities in rations fed to pigs. An evaluation was made of Cr2O3 and HCl-insoluble ash as digestive markers. In addition, the effects of body weight (BW) on apparent ileal DM and CP (N x 6.25) digestibilities were studied. In Expt 1, thirteen barrows...
article 1996