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Schultze-Jena, A. (author), Boon, M.A. (author), Bussmann, P.J.T. (author), Janssen, A.E.M. (author), van der Padt, A. (author)
In industrial liquid separation processes chromatography often has a key function in the optimization of yield and purity. For the design of an industrial system, chromatographic processes are generally simulated using mathematical models, tested and optimized at laboratory level, and then scaled up to pilot and subsequently industrial scale. To...
article 2017
Rodriguez-Illera, M. (author), Boon, M.A. (author), Boom, R.M. (author), Janssen, A.E.M. (author)
We present guidelines for the configuration of industrial scale chromatographic separationof small molecules. We compared the performance of different axial packed beds, chan-neled monoliths and a continuous monolith assuming silica as base material. The calculatedmass transfer rates were used to calculate the height of a theoretical plate (HETP...
article 2015