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Nicolai, H.T. (author), Hof, A. (author), Blom, P.W.M. (author)
The charge transport and recombination in white-emitting polymer light- emitting diodes (PLEDs) are studied. The PLED investigated has a single emissive layer consisting of a copolymer in which a green and red dye are incorporated in a blue backbone. From single-carrier devices the effect of the green- and red-emitting dyes on the hole and...
article 2012
Nicolai, H.T. (author), Hof, A. (author), Oosthoek, J.L.M. (author), Blom, P.W.M. (author)
The charge transport in blue light-emitting polyspirobifluorene is investigated by both steady-state current-voltage measurements and transient electroluminescence. Both measurement techniques yield consistent results and show that the hole transport is space-charge limited. The electron current is found to be governed by a high intrinsic...
article 2011