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Bosilj, M. (author), Schmidt, J. (author), Fischer, A. (author), White, R.J. (author)
The one-pot conversion of glucose to ethyl levulinate over an acid-functionalised hydrothermal catalyst (derived from glucose) provides high initial yields up to 37 mol%, comparable to the homogeneous H2SO4 catalyst, whilst catalyst performance is strongly influenced by green solvent choice.
article 2019
TNO Industrie en Techniek (author), Bruijstens, A.J. (author), Beuman, W.P.H. (author), van de Molen, M. (author), Bleuanus, W.A.J. (author)
The influence of the level of H2S in the fuel on catalyst performance was investigated. The main conclusion is that at H2S levels of 30ppm and above, it is probable that the exhaust gas emissions of NGV’s are negatively influenced. Further research is suggested to: 1) Determine the effect of different H2S concentrations on tailpipe emissions....
report 2008