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Yang, F. (author), Meerman, H. (author), Zhang, Z. (author), Jiang, J. (author), Faaij, A. (author)
The techno-economic performance and CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) reduction potential of bio-based aromatic production cases with and without CO2 capture and storage (CCS) have been evaluated and compared to those of fossil-based aromatic production. The bio-cases include tail gas reactive pyrolysis (TGRP), catalytic pyrolysis (CP), hydrothermal...
article 2022
Yang, F. (author), Meerman, H. (author), Faaij, A. (author)
A harmonized method was developed to assess CO2 mitigation performance and avoidance costs for different steel production routes, including blast furnace with blast oxygen furnace (BOF), direct reduced iron (DRI) production with electric arc furnace (EAF), and Hisarna with BOF. Mass and energy balances were used to evaluate each route's cradle...
article 2021