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Minoglou, K. (author), San Segundo Bello, D. (author), Sabuncuoglu Tezcan, D. (author), Haspeslagh, L. (author), van Olmen, J. (author), Merry, B. (author), Cavaco, C. (author), Mazzamuto, F. (author), Toqué-Trésonne, I. (author), Moirin, R. (author), Brouwer, E.A.M. (author), Toccafondi, M. (author), Preti, G. (author), Rosmeulen, M. (author), de Moor, P. (author)
Both ESA and the EC have identified the need for a supply chain of CMOS imagers for space applications which uses solely European sources. An essential requirement on this supply chain is the platformization of the process modules, in particular when it comes to very specific processing steps, such as those required for the manufacturing of...
conference paper 2014
Xie, N. (author), Theuwissen, A.J.P. (author), Wang, X. (author), Leijtens, J.A.P. (author), Hakkesteegt, H. (author), Jansen, H. (author)
This paper describes the implementation and firstmeasurement results of a new way that obtains row and column profile data from a CMOS Image Sensor, which is developed for a micro-Digital Sun Sensor (μDSS).The basic profiling action is achieved by the pixels with p-type MOS transistors which realize a so-called "Winner Takes It All (WTIA) [1][2]...
conference paper 2008