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Siddiqui, A. (author), Cuttini, M. (author), Wood, R. (author), Velebil, P. (author), Delnord, M. (author), Zile, I. (author), Barros, H. (author), Gissler, M. (author), Hindori-Mohangoo, A.D. (author), Blondel, B. (author), Zeitlin, J. (author), Haidinger, G. (author), Alexander, S. (author), Pavlou, P. (author), Mortensen, L. (author), Sakkeus, L. (author), Lack, N. (author), Antsaklis, A. (author), Berbik, I. (author), Ólafsdóttir, H.S. (author), Bonham, S. (author), Misins, J. (author), Jaselioniene, J. (author), Wagener, Y. (author), Gatt, M. (author), Nijhuis, J. (author), Klungsøyr, K. (author), Szamotulska, K. (author), Horga, M. (author), Cap, J. (author), Mandić, N.T. (author), Bolúmar, F. (author), Gottvall, K. (author), Berrut, S. (author), Macfarlane, A. (author), Euro-Peristat Scientific Committee (author)
Background: The Apgar score has been shown to be predictive of neonatal mortality in clinical and population studies, but has not been used for international comparisons. We examined population-level distributions in Apgar scores and associations with neonatal mortality in Europe. Methods: Aggregate data on the 5 minute Apgar score for live...
article 2017
Gagnon, A.J. (author), DeBruyn, R. (author), Essén, B. (author), Gissler, M. (author), Heaman, M. (author), Jeambey, Z. (author), Korfker, D. (author), McCourt, C. (author), Roth, C. (author), Zeitlin, J. (author), Small, R. (author), Alexander, S. (author), Racapé, J. (author), Arntzen, A. (author), Barros, H. (author), Blondel, B. (author), Merry, L. (author), Glazier, R. (author), Kirby, R. (author), Mohangoo, A. (author), Macfarlane, A. (author), Dattani, N. (author), Nybo Andersen, A.M. (author), Mortensen, L. (author), Villadsen, S. (author), Davey, M.A. (author), Sievers, E. (author), Stray-Pedersen, B. (author), Urquia, M. (author), Janevic, T. (author), Guendelman, S. (author), Bolumar, F. (author), Río Sánchez, M.I. (author), Hjern, A. (author), Vangen, S. (author)
Background: Through the World Health Assembly Resolution, 'Health of Migrants', the international community has identified migrant health as a priority. Recommendations for general hospital care for international migrants in receiving-countries have been put forward by the Migrant Friendly Hospital Initiative; adaptations of these...
article 2014
Zeitlin, J. (author), Szamotulska, K. (author), Drewniak, N. (author), Mohangoo, A.D. (author), Chalmers, J. (author), Sakkeus, L. (author), Irgens, L. (author), Gatt, M. (author), Gissler, M. (author), Blondel, B. (author)
Objective To investigate time trends in preterm birth in Europe by multiplicity, gestational age, and onset of delivery. Design Analysis of aggregate data from routine sources. Setting Nineteen European countries. Population Live births in 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008. Methods Annual risk ratios of preterm birth in each country were estimated with...
article 2013