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Gilsing, R. (author), Turetken, O. (author), Grefen, P. (author), Ozkan, B. (author), Adali, O.E. (author)
Background: As a result of factors such as digitization and rapid technology change, organizations are compelled to innovate their business models at an accelerated pace. While the domain of business model innovation has focused on understanding and structuring the process of innovation, it offers limited guidance for evaluating business models...
article 2022
Gilsing, R. (author), Turetken, O. (author), Ozkan, B. (author), Slaats, F. (author), Adali, O.E. (author), Wilbik, A. (author), Berkers, F.T.H.M (author), Grefen, P. (author)
conference paper 2020