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Andersen, Z.J. (author), Pedersen, M. (author), Weinmayr, G. (author), Stafoggia, M. (author), Galassi, C. (author), Jørgensen, J.T. (author), Sommar, J.N. (author), Forsberg, B. (author), Olsson, D. (author), Oftedal, B. (author), Aasvang, G.M. (author), Schwarze, P. (author), Pyko, A. (author), Pershagen, G. (author), Korek, M. (author), Faire, U.D. (author), Östenson, C.G. (author), Fratiglioni, L. (author), Eriksen, K.T. (author), Poulsen, A.H. (author), Tjønneland, A. (author), Braüner, E.V. (author), Peeters, P.H. (author), Bueno de Mesquita, B. (author), Jaensch, A. (author), Nagel, G. (author), Lang, A. (author), Wang, M. (author), Tsai, M.Y. (author), Grioni, S. (author), Marcon, A. (author), Krogh, V. (author), Ricceri, F. (author), Sacerdote, C. (author), Migliore, E. (author), Vermeulen, R. (author), Sokhi, R. (author), Keuken, M. (author), de Hoogh, K. (author), Beelen, R. (author), Vineis, P. (author), Cesaroni, G. (author), Brunekreef, B. (author), Hoek, G. (author), Raaschou-Nielsen, O. (author)
Background. Epidemiological evidence on the association between ambient air pollution and brain tumor risk is sparse and inconsistent. Methods. In 12 cohorts from 6 European countries, individual estimates of annual mean air pollution levels at the baseline residence were estimated by standardized land-use regression models developed within the...
article 2018
Koeman, T. (author), van den Brandt, P.A. (author), Slottje, P. (author), Schouten, L.J. (author), Goldbohm, R.A. (author), Kromhout, H. (author), Vermeulen, R. (author)
Purpose: To investigate the association between exposure to occupational extremely low-frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) and the risk of a priori selected cancer outcomes within the prospective Netherlands Cohort Study. Methods: 120,852 men and women aged 55-69 years at time of enrollment in 1986 were followed up (17.3 years) for incident lung,...
article 2014
Hogervorst, J.G.F. (author), Schouten, L.J. (author), Konings, E.J.M. (author), Goldbohm, R.A. (author), van den Brandt, P.A. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Background: Acrylamide is a probable human carcinogen, which is present in several heat-treatedfood s. In epidemiologic studies, positive associations with endometrial, ovarian, and renal cell cancer risk have been observed. The incidence of central nervous system tumors was increased upon acrylamide administration in drinking water to rats. In...
article 2009