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TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), de Neve, M. (author), Vink, P. (author), Kanis, H. (author), Krause, F. (author)
This seventh chapter of the book 'Advanced cabin design : how to improve comfort and performance by progressive cabin design' explores whether a new way of steering has positive effects. Also controlling the speed of a movement versus the position of a movement is compared. The last 25 years the application of joysticks has increased. The use of...
bookPart 2005
TNO Arbeid (author), Krause, F. (author), Bronkhorst, R.E. (author), de Looze, M.P. (author)
The operator's comfort more and more is recognized as a factor of importance in the design of cabins of all kinds of vehicles. This book addresses the comfort of cabins of earth moving machinery, as a result of a 2,5-years European project (1999-2002), known as 'Eurocabin'. In this project 3 manufacturers of earth moving machines joined their...
report 2003