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Theelen, M. (author), Boumans, T. (author), Stegeman, F. (author), Colberts, F. (author), Illiberi, A. (author), van Berkum, J. (author), Barreau, N. (author), Vroon, Z. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
Sputtered aluminum doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) layers on borosilicate glass were exposed to damp heat (85 C/85% relative humidity) for 2876 h to accelerate the physical and chemical degradation behavior. The ZnO:Al samples were characterized by electrical, compositional and optical measurements before and after degradation. Hall measurements show...
article 2014
Zhu, Q. (author), de With, G. (author), Dortmans, L.J.M.G. (author), Feenstra, F. (author), TNO Industrie (author)
Near net-shape fabrication of hydroxyapatite (HA) glass composites has been attempted by infiltrating a glass into porous HA performs. Main efforts were put to develop glasses that are chemically compatible with HA at elevated temperatures. After extensive investigations in the phosphate and borosilicate systems, glasses of (50-55)SiO2-(20-25...
article 2004