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Gezondheidsorganisatie TNO Instituut voor experimentele gerontologie TNO (author), Kruisbeek, A.M. (author)
doctoral thesis 1978
Instituut voor experimentele gerontologie TNO (author), Dicke, K.A. (author), van Noord, M.J. (author), Maat, B. (author)
The colony forming unit culture (CFU C) in the thin layer agar colony technique is considered to be representative for hemopoietic stem cells (HSC), according to studies in mouse and monkey bone marrow. Using this in vitro assay as a guide, stem cell concentrates were prepared from monkey and human bone marrow by repeated density gradient...
article 1973
van Putten, L.M. (author), Lelieveld, P. (author), Radiobiologisch Instituut TNO (author)
The sensitivity of resting spleen colony-forming cells in normal mouse bone marrow and of rapidly-proliferating spleen colony-forming cells in repopulating mouse spleen to a number of bis-chloro-aethyl-amines was determined. The rapidly-growing cells were more sensitive to each of the agents than the resting cells. The equal degree of...
article 1971