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van der Heijden, R.A. (author), Morrison, M.C. (author), Sheedfar, F. (author), Mulder, P. (author), Schreurs, M. (author), Hommelberg, P.P.H. (author), Hofker, M.H. (author), Schalkwijk, C. (author), Kleemann, R. (author), Tietge, U.J.F. (author), Koonen, D.P.Y. (author), Heeringa, P. (author)
Background. Naturally occurring substances from the flavanol and anthocyanin family of polyphenols have been proposed to exert beneficial effects in the course of obesity. We hypothesized that their effects on attenuating obesity-induced dyslipidemia as well as the associated inflammatory sequelae especially have health-promoting potential....
article 2016
Morrison, M.C. (author), Liang, W. (author), Mulder, P. (author), Verschuren, L. (author), Pieterman, E. (author), Toet, K. (author), Heeringa, P. (author), Wielinga, P.Y. (author), Kooistra, T. (author), Kleemann, R. (author)
Background & Aims Anthocyanins may have beneficial effects on lipid metabolism and inflammation and are demonstrated to have hepatoprotective properties in models of restraint-stress- and chemically-induced liver damage. However, their potential to protect against non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) under conditions relevant for human...
article 2015