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Franzaring, J. (author), Kempenaar, C. (author), van Eerden, L.J.M. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
Chemicals/CAS: Benzofurans; Chlorpropham, 101-21-3; Environmental Pollutants; ethofumesate, 26225-79-6; Herbicides; Mesylates
article 2001
Huisman, M. (author), Koopman-Esseboom, C. (author), Fidler, V. (author), Hadders-Algra, M. (author), van der Paauw, C.G. (author), Tuinstra, L.G.M.Th. (author), Weisglas-Kuperus, N. (author), Sauer, P.J.J. (author), Touwen, B.C.L. (author), Boersma, E.R. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxins (polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), and dibenzofurans (PCDFs)) are widespread environmental contaminants which are neurotoxic in animals. Perinatal exposure to PCBs, PCDDs, and PCDFs occurs prenatally via the placenta and postnatally via breast milk. To investigate whether such an exposure...
article 1995
Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author), Vos, J.G. (author), Koeman, J.H. (author), van der Maas, H.L. (author), ten Noever de Brauw, M.C. (author), de Vos, R.H. (author)
In a previous study (Vos & Koeman, Toxic. appl. Pharmac. 1970. In press) a significant difference in toxicity was found between three commercial polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) preparations, high mortality, liver necrosis and chick oedema-like lesions being associated with only two of the compounds tested. In the present study, column and gas...
article 1970