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Bos, A. (author), Henselmans, R. (author), Rosielle, P.C.J.N. (author), Steinbuch, M. (author)
To enable important scientific discoveries, ESO has defined a new ground-based telescope: the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). The baseline design features a telescope with a 39-m-class primary mirror (M1), making it the largest and most powerful telescope in the world. The M1 consists of 798 hexagonal segments, each about 1.4 m wide,...
article 2015
Maljaars, J. (author), Fellinger, J. (author), Soetens, F. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author), IenT (author)
Material properties and mechanical response models for fire design of steel structures are based on extensive research and experience. Contrarily, the behaviour of aluminium load bearing structures exposed to fire is relatively unexplored. This article gives an overview of physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperature of frequently...
article 2005
Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author), van den Dool, T.C. (author), Kamphues, F.G. (author), Fouss, B. (author), Henrioulle, K. (author), Hogenhuis, H. (author)
TNO TPD, in close cooperation with Micromega-Dynamics and Dutch Space, has developed an advanced Optical Delay Line (ODL) for use in PRIMA, GENIE and other ground based interferometers. The delay line design is modular and flexible, which makes scaling for other applications a relatively easy task. The developed technology can also be applied in...
conference paper 2004