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Rath, S.S. (author), Hoedemaekers, E.R.G.E. (author), Wilkins, S.S. (author)
Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries in electric vehicle (EV) applications must operate within a narrow temperature range to ensure safety, performance and longevity. Hence, advanced thermal management strategies should have access to internal cell temperatures in a battery pack. In real world application, surface temperatures can be measured, but it...
conference paper 2020
Department of Energy Technology, TNO-Environment Energy and Process Innovation, P.O. Box 3427300, AH Apeldoorn, Netherlands Royal Netherlands Army, Directorate of Policy and Planning, Soldier Modernisation Programme, B. kaz. Barchman Wuytierslaan, 198, 3818 LN Amersfoort, Netherlands (author), Raadschelders, J.W. (author), Jansen, T. (author)
At present, the energy supply for the electronic equipment of the soldier is problematic. Each component has its own battery pack. These battery packs are not interchangeable and each requires its own charger. Furthermore, because they are all dimensioned to deliver the peak power for each item of equipment, this leads to a higher battery weight...
article 2001