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van der Eerden, F.J.M. (author), van den Berg, F.H.A. (author)
Environmental research is ongoing to predict and to mitigate the noise impact of heavy weapons or explosives. In the densely populated area of the Netherlands this is of particular interest for the Ministry of Defence as the shock waves can propagate over large distances. In this research program the mitigation of shock waves by means of a sound...
article 2012
van der Eerden, F.J.M. (author), Lutgendorf, D. (author), de Roo, F. (author)
Within the EU FP7 QUIESST project, QUIeting the Environment for a Sustainable Surface Transport, a test method is being developed for the reflectivity of noise barriers. The method needs to account for a complex shape of barriers and the use of various types of absorbing materials. The performance of a barrier is to be measured in the near field...
conference paper 2011
Bosschaart, C. (author), Eisses, A.R. (author), van der Eerden, F.J.M. (author)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has organized a competition to design a noise mitigating measure along the 'Polderbaan' runway. Its main goal is to reduce the low frequency (LF) ground noise from starting aircraft. The winning concept is a flexible parabolic shaped noise barrier positioned relatively close to the runway. There is a large distance...
conference paper 2010