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Dijkstra, S. (author), Kooij, G. (author), Verbeek, R. (author), van der Pol, S.M.A. (author), Amor, S. (author), Geisert Jr., E.E. (author), Dijkstra, C.D. (author), van Noort, J.M. (author), Vries, H.E.D. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Leukocyte infiltration is a key step in the development of demyelinating lesions in multiple sclerosis (MS), and molecules mediating leukocyte-endothelial interactions represent prime candidates for the development of therapeutic strategies. Here we studied the effects of blocking the integrin-associated tetraspanin CD81 in in vitro and in vivo...
article 2008
Bajramović, J.J. (author), Plomp, A.C. (author), van der Goes, A. (author), Koevoets, C. (author), Newcombe, J. (author), Cuzner, M.L. (author), van Noort, J.M. (author)
In the development of multiple sclerosis (MS), (re)activation of infiltrating T cells by myelin-derived Ags is considered to be a crucial step. Previously, αB-crystallin has been shown to be an important myelin Ag to human T cells. Since αB-crystallin is an intracellular heat shock protein, the question arises at what stage, if any, during...
article 2000
Laman, J.D. (author), Maassen, C.B.M. (author), Schellekens, M.M. (author), Visser, L. (author), Kap, M. (author), de Jong, E. (author), van Puijenbroek, M. (author), van Stipdonk, M.J.B. (author), van Meurs, M. (author), Schwärzler, C. (author), Günthert, U. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Interactions between mononuclear cells are required for the formation of inflammatory infiltrates in the CNS and the activation of cellular effector functions provoking demyelination in MS. Membrane-expressed costimulatory molecules are crucial to such interactions. We therefore investigated whether two costimulatory molecules, CD40L (CD154,...
article 1998