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Harkema, S. (author), Pendyala, R.K. (author), Geurts, C.G.C. (author), Helgers, P.L.J. (author), Levell, J.W. (author), Wilson, J.S. (author), MacKerron, D. (author)
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are a promising lighting technology. In particular OLEDs fabricated on plastic foils are believed to hold the future. These planar devices are subject to various optical losses, which requires sophisticated light management solutions. Flexible OLEDs on plastic substrates are as prone to losses related to...
conference paper 2014
Kumar, A. (author), Moet, D. (author), van der Steen, J.L. (author), van Breemen, A.J.J.M. (author), Shanmugam, S. (author), Gilot, J. (author), Andriessen, H.A.J.M. (author), Matthias, S. (author), Ruetten, W. (author), Douglas, A. (author), Raaijmakers, R. (author), Malinowski, P.E. (author), Myny, K. (author), Gelinck, G.H. (author)
We demonstrate high performance X-ray imaging detectors on foil suitable for medical grade X-ray imaging applications. The detectors are based on solution-processed organic photodiodes forming bulk-heterojunctions from photovoltaic donor and acceptor blend. The organic photodiodes are deposited using an industrially compatible slot die coating...
conference paper 2011
Ren, M. (author), Gorier, H. (author), Michels, J.J. (author), Andriessen, H.A.J.M. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
The roll-to-roll manufacturing process is believed to significantly reduce the cost-price of flexible electronics. Inkjet printing of organic-based inks is a major research topic for flexible electronic applications because of its advantage of non- contact deposition and the ease for patterning for various industrial processes. We herein present...
conference paper 2010