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Rosman, A.N. (author), Vlemmix, F. (author), Fleuren, M.A.H. (author), Rijnders, M.E. (author), Beuckens, A. (author), Opmeer, B.C. (author), Mol, B.W.J. (author), van Zwieten, M.C.B. (author), Kok, M. (author)
Objective: external cephalic version (ECV) is a relatively simple and safe manoeuvre and a proven effective approach in the reduction of breech presentation at term. There is professional consensus that ECV should be offered to all women with a fetus in breech presentation, but only up to 70% of women eligible for ECV undergo an ECV attempt. The...
article 2014
Willson, M.L. (author), Vernooij, R.W.M. (author), Gagliardi, A.R. (author), Armstrong, M. (author), Bernhardsson, S. (author), Brouwers, M. (author), Bussières, A. (author), Fleuren, M.A.H. (author), Gali, K. (author), Huckson, S. (author), Jones, S. (author), Lewis, S.Z. (author), James, R. (author), Marshall, C. (author), Mazza, D. (author)
Objective This study described the number and characteristics of questionnaires used to assess barriers of guideline use among physicians. Study Design and Setting A scoping review was conducted. MEDLINE and EMBASE were searched from 2005 to June 2016. English-language studies that administered a questionnaire to assess barriers of guideline use...
article 2017