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Perrotta, A. (author), García, S.J. (author), Michels, J.J. (author), Andringa, A.M. (author), Creatore, M. (author)
Water permeation in inorganic moisture permeation barriers occurs through macroscale defects/pinholes and nanopores, the latter with size approaching the water kinetic diameter (0.27 nm). Both permeation paths can be identified by the calcium test, i.e., a time-consuming and expensive optical method for determining the water vapor transmission...
article 2015
Van Assche, F.J.H. (author), Unnikrishnan, S. (author), Michels, J.J. (author), van Mol, A.M.B. (author), van de Weijer, P. (author), van de Sanden, M.C.M. (author), Creatore, M. (author)
We report on a low substrate temperature (110°C) remote microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process of silicon nitride barrier layers against moisture permeation for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and other moisture sensitive devices such as organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs). Specifically, the influence of the SiH4...
article 2014