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Läppchen, T. (author), Vlaming, M.L.H. (author), Custers, E. (author), Lub, J. (author), Sio, C.F. (author), DeGroot, J. (author), Steinbach, O.C. (author)
In recent years, [ 18F]gefitinib PET has successfully been employed for a number of applications ranging from oncology to in vivo studies of drug transporter proteins. We here report a reliable, automated procedure for routine synthesis of this radiotracer on an Eckert and Ziegler modular system. The 3-step radiosynthesis followed by preparative...
article 2012
Terband, H. (author), Drullman, R. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
A procedure was developed for the automated measurement of the speech reception threshold in stationary noise (SRTn), which can be administered by the subjects themselves using a computer. The procedure was based on the SRTn test for Dutch developed by Plomp and Mimpen [(1979). “Improving the reliability of testing the speech reception threshold...
article 2008