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Morgan, P. (author), Macken, B. (author), Toet, A. (author), Bompas, A. (author), Bray, M. (author), Rushton, S. (author), Jones, D. (author)
The ways that extraneous visual and auditory stimuli impair human performance are reviewed with aim of distinguishing those sensory, perceptual and cognitive effects relevant to the design of human-machine systems. Although commonly regarded as disruptive, distractions reflect the adaptability of the organism to changing circumstances. Depending...
article 2020
de Korte, E. (author), Kuijt-Evers, L. (author), Vink, P. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
A pilot experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of visual or auditory distraction in an office environment on productivity, concentration and emotion. Ten subjects performed a simple, standardized computer task in five conditions (undisturbed, 3 variations of auditory distraction and visual distraction). Results showed no effects of...
conference paper 2007